Cambridge Pavingstones

Paving Stone Systems

Sherwood Collection

Each group of Cambridge Shapes and Design Kits with ArmorTec in this collection possesses premium level, architectural surface finishes. The Collection is comprised of Ledgestone 3 Pc. Design Kit, Ledgestone 3 Pc. Design Kit and 18 x 18, and QuartzTec™.

Crusader Collection

This collection comprises Cambridge Shapes specially designed for specific structural, landscape and pavement applications and hardscape solutions such as steps, pool coping, edging and curbs, facing and permeable pavements.

Excalibur Collection

These Cambridge Shapes with ArmorTec have beveled edges and flat surfaces but are distinguished by their angles and form, inspiring unusual pattern ideas.

KingsCourt Collection

Six classic, straight-sided Cambridge Shapes with ArmorTec, featuring beveled edges and smooth, flat surfaces, are offered in a choice of square and rectangular configurations.

Renaissance Collection

The walkways, piazzas and roadways of the European Renaissance inspired our designers when developing these aged Cambridge Shapes and Design Kits with ArmorTec. Each offers the look of naturally aged stone to complete any historic, vintage or contemporary landscape.

RoundTable Collection

Dimpled, embossed surfaces gently roll into soft, beveled edges on four straight-sided Cambridge Shapes with ArmorTec. This ever-popular collection also includes Design Kits, which can be integrated into, or used to create, unique pattern designs.

Wall Stone Systems

Sigma Wall Systems

Engineered design for walls of any height or length.

Ledgestone Wall

Distinguished by its natural looking, rock face with bold ridges and deep clefts.

MaytRx® Wall

Double-sided, multi-face, available in Split Face and Renaissance Stone for walls up to 3 ft. high and engineered for walls of any height or length.

Pyzique® Wall

Double-sided, available in Split Face and Renaissance Stone for walls up to 3 ft. high.

Olde English Wall™

A double-sided tumbled modular unit with distressing on all surfaces.

Outdoor Living Kits

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