Stones Available as full-bed or thin veneer in Mosaic Pattern, Roughly Square/Rectangular, Ashlar, and Ledge Stone

Champlain Stone Wood Creek Granite
Wood Creek Granite
Champlain Stone Van Tassell Granite
Van Tassell Granite
Champlain Stone Summit Granite
Summit Granite
Champlain Stone 1763 Granite
1763 Granite
Champlain Stone Corinthian Granite
Corinthian Granite
Champlain Stone Americian Granite
Americian Granite
Champlain Stone Great Meadow Limestone
Great Meadow Limestone
Champlain Stone South Bay Quartzite
South Bay Quartzite
Champlan Stone Crown Point Granite
Crown Point Granite


Available as Thin Wall Stone, Cottage Wall Stone, Wall Stone, Flagging, Garden Steppers, Step Slabs, and Boulders.

Champlain Landscaping Stones Ticonderoga Granite
Ticonderoga Granite
Champlain Landscaping Stones Saratoga Granite
Champlain Landscaing Stones South Bay Quartzite
South Bay Quartzite
Saratoga Granite


Suitable for a variety of uses in both building and landscaping applications.

Champlain Stone Adirondack Mountain Fieldstone
Adirondack Mountain Fieldstone
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