Sand, Topsoil & Stone

All of our bulk products are sold by the yard and can be picked-up from our yard or we can deliver them to your home or job site.  Call us today to place your order.  Most deliveries can be done the same day you place your order.   IF YOU NEED A PRODUCT THAT YOU DON'T SEE HERE CALL US, WE JUST MAY BE ABLE TO GET IT FOR YOU!!!

Concrete Sand

Using concrete sand as the final leveling aggregate before applying pavers which provides drainage.

White Beach Sand 

Decorative sand mostly used at lake homes

in the Sussex County area

1 1/2" Crushed Stone

Mason Sand
Good for use as an above ground pool base, other uses are sand between block or brick, mixing with cement, use as a base for horseshoe pits, and as a base inside

a fire pit.  

3/4" Crushed Stone

Primarily used for drainage, french drains, driveways, retaining walls. 

1 1/2" Crushed Stone
Another option for drainage with larger sized stone

3/8" Gravel Washed
Is also know as Pea Gravel.  This is a smooth stone no sharp edges can be used for drainage or decorative. Also known as Delaware Stone or River Rock or River Pebble

3/4" Delaware Stone
River Rock is another name for Delaware Stone.  A smooth stone for decorative use.  Easy to walk on no sharp edgesl

3/8" Crushed Stone

This is a multi purpose stone for use as drainage or as a decorative stone

1 1/4" Delaware Stone
River Rock is the other name for Delaware Stone.  A smooth stone larger which is easy to walk on with no sharp edges for decorative use.

3/8" Red Barn Stone
Known as Pennsylvania Red and Red Rock is a crushed stone used primarily for decoration

3/4" Red Barn Stone
Known as Pennsylvania Red and Red Rock is a crushed stone for decorative use.

3/4" Nutmeg Pebble

A Round stone with a brown, red, and tan blended in it.  Primarily used as a decorative stone 

1 1/2" Nutmeg Pebble
A round stone with brown, red and tan blended in it. Used as a decorative stone

Quarry Process

Other names are DGA and 5A
This is a blend of crushed stone and stone dust or screenings primarily used for driveways. Also used as base for pavers.

Stonedust or Screenings
Screenings is another name for Stonedust.  Use stonedust to back fill water lines or gas lines.

3/4 Pebble Beach Yellow Stone

Round stone for decoration mostly found down the Jersey Shore.

3/4"White Marble Chip

Small crushed white chip for decorative use.

Pearl Pebbles
Large round rocks approximately 1" to 2 1/2 "  also know as Goose eggs no sharp edges easy to walk on.  Use as decorative stone.

Screened Topsoil
Great for gardens, flower or vegetable, and as finishing layer to any excavating for grass seed.

Bulk Rock Salt

For use on snow and ice.

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