Dry Stack

An exceptionally efficient option that gives you the profile of intricately stacked natural stone in an easy-to-install panel form. No grouting small ledge stones or prolonged construction timelines required.

Sizing: Height: 2" & 4" / Length: 5" - 24"


The choice for adding truly rugged character to your space. Ledgestone is heavily textured withdeep lines and irregular shapes that create dramatic shadowing and lend the appearance 
of hand-hewn stone.

Sizing: Height: 1 ½" - 6 ½" / Length: 7 ½" - 23"


The clean, classic appeal of hand-chiseled limestone in molded shapes and regular sizes that are easily installed. The timeless look of Limestone is a favorite among designers and masons.

Sizing: Height: 2 ½" - 7 ½" / Length: 4" - 22"

River Rock

Rounded shapes and smooth surfaces inspired by creek bed rocks sculpted by centuries of water and erosion.

Sizing: Smallest: 4" / Largest: 20"

Tuscan Ridge

A combination of large rubble shapes and ledge stone creates the impression of traditional Italian stone masonry and gives each final installation its own unique pattern.

Sizing: Height: 1 ½" - 6 ½" / Length: 4 ½" - 14"

Weather Ledge

Defined by long, linear pieces of varying heights and a distressed, aged surface, each stone is shaped to ensure tight dry stack installation and gives moderate shadow relief, even when grouted.

Sizing: Height: 1 ½" - 7 ½" / Length: 4" - 23"

Stack Ledge

The irregular surface details and chiseled textures of Stack Ledge are transformed to be installer friendly by squaring the edges, thus allowing for a tighter fit.

Sizing: Height: 1 ½" - 6 ½" / Length: 7 ½"- 21"


These rustic textures and unique stones look like they were pulled straight from the countryside. But our Fieldstone style is actually the result of a time-consuming molding process resulting in natural organic shapes.

Sizing: Smallest: 5" / Largest: 22"

Castle Stone

Similar to Limestone, our Castle Stone style has the more formal look of finely dressed masonry. Symmetrical shapes and clean-cut sides enable a tight dry stack installation.

Sizing: Height: 3" - 15" / Length: 3" - 15"

Tuscany Veneer

The smooth, monochromatic appearance of natural, quarry-cut stone. Large shapes allow for fast installation, making this a particularly smart choice for commercial projects.

Sizing: Height: 11 ⅝" x Width: 23 ⅝" x Depth: 1 ¼"

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