Wood Pellet Pre Season Sale Starting Now

$295.00 per ton*

We have EasyBlaze Softwood, Hamers Hot Ones Hardwood, Lignetics Hardwood, & Turman Hardwood in 

stock now! 

*Must pick up or take delivery by 7/31/2020 *Delivery is additional fee!

While Supplies Last!

We can not hold these pellets for storage for next year!  All pellets must be picked up or delivered* by

August 31st, 2020. 

Supplies are limited!

This will be the lowest price of the season!

*Delivery fee additional


$5.00 per bag

EasyBedding Horse Bedding Pellets are new to Wingle Supply!  Pass this along to your Equine friends who are looking for a clean and virtually dust free bedding for their horses.  A 40lb bag of EasyBedding is equivalent to a 60lb bag of shavings.  This bedding can absorb up to 13 gallons of fluid, keeping hooves dry and substantially reducing amonia with it's natural pine odor control. No chemicals, synthetic perfumes or dyes! Responsibly sourced by product of the forest industry, no new trees destroyed in the making of this 100% renewable product. 

$5.99 per bag!  Try EasyBedding Pellets your horse deserves it!

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