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Playground Mulch

Our Certified Playground Mulch meets all federal and state laws regarding mulch on any property, including playgrounds, parks, schools and HOA common areas. This mulch is from the inside of a white fir tree and is light in color. An excellent choice for home playgrounds as well, because of the rounded ends and lack of splinters.

Hardwood Mulch

Hardwood mulches come from chipped or shredded branches or small trees, although old construction wood, pallets and utility poles also find their way into mulch. Hardwood mulch becomes alkaline as it breaks down, benefiting all but those plants that need a lot of acid. Wood chips or shavings can turn gray on the surface and should be turned once a year and replaced after two to three years.

Cedar Mulch

Cedar mulch does not break down and decompose rapidly. This means less time and work replacing mulch each year to keep your flowerbeds and walkways looking clean and new. It is helpful in establishing new flowerbeds or expanding currently designed beds as well. Placing a few layers of newspaper down and covering it with finely shredded cedar mulch before winter temperatures arrive is the perfect way to condition the soil and provide a fresh, weed-free area to garden in the spring. When the weather warms up, you simply till this area and have nutrient rich soil to plant.

Cedar has a naturally aromatic quality to it that many people find enjoyable. This pleasant scent has a hidden advantage in the fact that it acts as a natural insect repellant. 

Bark Mulch

Bark mulches add aesthetic appeal and also help improve the health of a garden. This type of mulch is long-lasting and less likely to blow away. Bark offers an excellent form of weed control. This type of mulch is readily available and over time, it can help reduce soil compaction. Bark mulch decomposes more slowly than wood chips, so you don't have to replenish it as frequently. Bark mulch enriches the surrounding soil naturally with humus.

Hemlock Mulch

Hemlock mulch is a very dark bark. The tree is high in tannins so it keeps a bright red color for a long time. TThe Hemlock tree bark has many curative powers and is high in Vitamin C. The bark is sold in a super-fine, almost powdery, application that should be spread in a thin layer and watered in.

Red Dyed Mulch

Organic mulch is produced from the bark material of redwood, pine, cedar, or cypress trees, which is harvested in the lumber milling process.  Organic mulch can supply plants with nutrients as it decomposes.

Black Dyed Mulch

Black mulch serves both function and style in complementing a garden or landscape. The product is capable of not only providing a unique look to gardening or landscaping, but can also help protect plants from reflective light and keep root systems warmer.

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