Stone Veneer Mortar is a high performance, polymer modified mortar designed to set and grout artificial stone and natural stone veneers. Can be used over nearly any solid wall including masonry units, poured concrete or plywood.

A screened and washed sand for use in playgrounds, kitty litter, gardens, etc.
Uniform size and color.
Natural sand, not manufactured.
Use for playground, landscaping projects

Portland Cement is designed for use in custom cement and stucco mixes.
Use in 3:2:1 custom concrete mixes.
Use when customizing your own stucco blends.
Meets ASTM C 150 for portland cement.

High strength concrete mix for anchoring posts and poles, and pouring footings and slabs.
Meets ASTM C 387 strength requirements for structural applications.
Premium quality for consistent strength and durability.
Build walks, drives, slabs and steps. Anchor posts and poles.
For applications requiring at least 2 inches in thickness.
Just add water.

Speed the setting time of concrete and mortar mixes. Ideal for cold weather applications when a rapid set is essential.
Accelerates the set time of Concrete and Mortar.
Ideal for cold weather applications.
Contains calcium chloride.
Use with mixing water.

A graded and washed sand for general use including landscaping, custom cement mixes, traction and erosion control.
Uniformly screened, coarse sand for general applications.
Uses include landscaping, traction and erosion control.
Rugged, polywoven bag is water resistant and durable.

C-Force brand ice melter consists of clean white pelletized calcium chloride. C-Force Calcium Chloride Pellets work incredibly fast at melting ice and snow by generating their own heat through an
exothermic reaction. C-Force continues working at lower temperatures than other ice melters; even below -25°F.

Quick-acting calcium chloride pellets will melt snow and ice 2-5 times faster than a blended ice melt can. It generates heat upon contact, making it the most effective product for use against ice and snow.
Snow and Ice Melting Advantages:
- Effectively melts snow and ice in temperatures down to -25 degrees (Fahrenheit)
- Excellent in generating melting heat upon contact
- Is non-corrosive on concrete and will not chemically attack it
- Calcium chloride pellets are fast acting
- Few applications needed for results

Morton® Safe-T-Salt® is America’s #1 Brand of Rock Salt.
Salt has been used for decades to help control ice and snow when winter weather strikes. Morton® Safe-T-Salt® provides a tried-and-true melting solution at lower cost than most specialty melters: 
•    Clears ice and snow from driveways, walkways and steps.
•    Provides traction for getting out of snow drifts; can be stored in vehicle trunks to provide extra weight and improve driving stability.
•    Scientifically proven to melt ice and snow in normal winter temperatures (~5°F and above)

Ice Patrol eliminates these problems by lowering the freezing point of water down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit, which reduces the chances of continuous freezing and thawing that may cause cracking and weak spots. In addition to this, Ice Patrol utilizes different-sized crystals. The smaller crystals work to melt on contact, whereas the larger crystals create instant traction as a means of promoting safet

Contains 90% calcium chloride, the most effective material for melting ice and snow.
Melt ice faster than competing ice-melt materials.
Absorb moisture and release heat to speed melting (ask for sample packs for demonstration).
Penetrate through ice up to 3 times faster than competing materials.
Perform in a wide range of winter temperatures, even in extreme cold.

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